Mainly for my English speaking friends and the people I recently met on the road. Here is a little update of what my trip has been so far and what are my plans from here. The road is the beautiful going to the sun highway in Glacier National Park, Montana. Enjoy and please, keep in touch!


  1. Great video and sweet to hear about your around the world trip in english. I also took my dr400 and went thru glaciar part 2 times. once in the evening and than in the morning to see the different sun angles on the mountains. Dan

  2. Good to meet and visit with you at our campfire on Flathead Lake! Looking forward to following your trip! Safe travels my friend! Rob and Doreen

    • Thanks a lot Rob 🙂
      I will always remember that evening because I learned so much about american politics and society. And maybe not so much about that as I learned from your warm hospitality. Thanks again!
      Take care and say hello To Doreen too!

  3. Very enjoyable video! This, Going To The Sun Highway, is in Colorado, not Montana. Both states are beautiful. I found you because you stopped at a hamburger stand in Westville Oklahoma and my friend talked to you and put your photo on facebook. God bless you on your journey, and God bless your mother and give her good health!!

    • Hey Jesi! Are you sure? It’s in the Glacier National park, that’s Montana. It was a pleasure to meet you thanks a lot for all the best wishes! I’m now in Raton, NM. Ready to start the day!

  4. Cuando ello en Espana? Me recuerdas? Dunkin Donuts en Allentown, Pennsylvania. Recuerdo que me informe iva ha Argentina ante volver ha Espana.

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