1. jajajaja, cómo se nos va la fresa. qué oveja con dos dedos de lana tendría el valor de cruzarse viendo venir a semejante personaje?

  2. Hey Teo,
    Natalia sent me on your blog address so have been perusing here in Seattle while waiting to get into the hostel. Seriously impressed with the potential hit ‘Peddling through Iceland’:) I would never have thought of dangers like killer sheep. If only they had been spray painted illuminous pink I say like we do at home (where we are world leaders in road safety and all things sheep). The Cartman/South Park-esque finale is awesome. Looking forward to the album where there will surely be a track re:Cruising to Chicken.. Safe travels and thanks again for the intro to biking:)

    • Samantha! What a surprise 🙂
      Thanks for your company in Anchorage, you are great. It’s a pity we couldn’t spend more time together. I hope you have a great trip back home and you enjoy your future adventures! Make sure to like my facebook page… that’s how you can get updates more easily 😉

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